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Wonthaggi Woodcrafters Inc
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Regular Sessions
Tuesday     9 am - 4 pm
Contact Ron Snooks:      5672 2113 or 0429 722 113

The toy group has been active almost since the club formed in the early 1990's. Wooden toys are constructed in kit form so that they may be readily reconstructed by children as a five to ten minute activity. Various festivals and shows such as the Wonthaggi show, the Easter festival at Churchill Island and school related visits to the club workshop provide children numerous opportunities to build a toy for themselves (with a little help from club members). This creative and hands on activity always creates excitement and joy  in participating children and parents.  Because of this the Toy Making group is one of the most satisfying activities for members to be involved and provides interest and innovation in developing new and interesting toys year after year.

Toys being constructed by children, being assisted by club members and parents watching on.
Ron Snooks
Jim and Michael embellishing the toys with some appropriate pyrography - usually the name of the child who made the toy.

Some of our current toys