Wonthaggi Woodcrafters Inc
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WOODTURNING:     Regular Sessions
Monday    9 am - 12 noon   Contact: Hartley or Neil  
Friday      9 am - 12 noon
Monday    5 pm - 8 pm       Contact:  John  :    5678 3294
WOODTURNING:     On-demand Sessions
Friday (Project Based)  1 pm - 4 pm          Contact Hartley
Saturday                       9 am - 12 noon     Contact Kaye

The woodturning workshops are well equipped with lathes and associated equipment.

The club offers tuition to new members wishing to learn to woodturning . Sessions run for three hours at a cost of $5.00

Initially, prospective members may have two free sessions to determine if they wish to continue for longer. If  members continue their woodturning lessons they are required to purchase a basic set of woodturning tools such as those shown below.

Neil    Ph: 5672 3229
Hartley   Ph:5997 6328 
John    Ph: 5679 3294
Kaye    Ph: 5997 2473
   Some of the equipment
   in our workshop.

   Some of the equipment in our workshop.